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IO-Link is a communication protocol specifically designed to facilitate and standardize the communication between a central control system and a network of sensors or actuators located in the field. The system architecture requires that the various IO-Link devices are connected point-to-point to an IO-Link Master, which in turn is integrated into the automation system, for example by means of one of the field buses commonly used on the market.

Among the advantages of the use of IO-Link components we recall:

  • the wiring is standardized and reduces the complexity of connection between devices;
  • through this protocol it is possible to manage a large amount of data in a bidirectional way;
  • the network architecture makes it easy to configure and monitor the various components;
  • the replacement of devices is really simple, thanks to the standardization of the system;
  • the protocol provides several advanced diagnostic features.

Metal Work, which has developed specific expertise on the subject over the years, offers a wide range of IO-Link devices, fully compliant with the reference protocol.

IO-Link schema
Metal Work Io-Link products


EB 80

The EB 80 solenoid valve system is also available in an IO-Link interface version. In particular it is possible to choose the 32 IN / 32 OUT version which, in addition to controlling the valves, also allows you to manage the signal modules.
If you want to manage only the valves, as an IO-Link node, you can also choose the 64 OUT version.
The IO-Link version of BOXI is also available in the EB 80 world.
EB 80 IO-Link



The proportional pressure regulators of the REGTRONIC series, available in various sizes and for flow rates up to 20,000 Nl/min, are used in order to adjust the pressure of a system with extreme precision, with variable values depending on the input control.
All products of the REGTRONIC Series are also supplied in the IO-Link version and allow pressure control in "closed loop", with a precision electronic pressure sensor which senses the downstream pressure value, a control system which compares it with the desired pressure and two solenoid valves that correct the pressure until the target is reached.
Regtronic IO-Link



Metal Work FLUX Series flowmeters are devices for measuring the flow of compressed air, which can be used in various areas of a pneumatic system. Two sizes are available: the FLUX 1 size, with anodized aluminum body and 1/2" inlet and outlet threads for flow rates up to 2,000 Nl/min and the FLUX 2 size, with anodized aluminum body and 1” inlet and outlet threads for flow rates up to at 4,000 Nl/min.The FLUX 1 and 2, also available with IO-Link interface, have optimized internal passages so as to always guarantee a precise reading of the flow rate without creating pressure drops between the inlet and outlet of the instrument.
Flux IO-Link



The digital pressure switch allows both the transmission of electrical signals related to pressure and the display of the instantaneous value of the pressure itself, thanks to a very clear two-colour LED display. Several operating parameters can be set, such as the hysteresis value or the pressure unit of measurement.On the rear side, the pressure switch has a pneumatic connection with R1/8” external thread (conical) and M5 internal thread. Accessories for wall or panel mounting are available.
Digital pressure switch Series 640 IO-Link